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North Parramatta

16-Day Course, Beginning Monday, 30 January 2023

4 days for 4 weeks. 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Funding subject to eligibility criteria.

This Heavy Rigid (HR) Driving Course is designed to provide essential skills and knowledge for those interested in joining the transportation industry. With this course, you'll learn safety management, truck loading and handling skills, transport and distribution skills, how to effectively manage your time and resources, and other essential skills needed for safe, efficient, and successful driving. Through this four-week course, you can become a confident and safe driver, ensuring the safety of yourself, your cargo, and other road users. The course is comprehensive, easy to understand, and provides an excellent foundation for a successful career in the transportation industry. This course offers field day experience on a construction site with current drivers and opportunities to connect with local industry leaders. 

Limited spaces left.

Units of Competency

TLIF0009 Ensure the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility)

TLID0020 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods.

TLIA1001 Secure cargo

TLIB0002 Carry out vehicle inspection

TLIF0005 Apply fatigue management systems

TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies

RIIWHS201E Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures.

RIIRIS201E Conduct local risk control

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