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J2S Training Solutions currently trains many students in a short course for the Warehouse and Supply Chain Industries. Many of our partners have identified roles within their organisations but lack candidates with the necessary skills. 


This employee shortage is where we come in. Our students are completing a Part Qualification from a National Accredited Training Package TLI30321 - Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations


Our students will complete the below units by May 31st 2023, and be job ready.

Find ready-to-work warehouse trainees with J2S Training Solutions

TLID0020 - Shift materials safely using manual handling methods

This unit covers the abilities and understanding necessary to move materials safely, utilising manual handling techniques. The unit encompasses evaluating the potential hazards associated with transferring the load, devising a relocation strategy, and executing the relocation in line with the plan. The work must adhere to the applicable work health and safety (WHS)/occupational health and safety (OHS) guidelines regarding the manual handling and transportation of loads.

TLIA0004 - Complete receival and despatch documentation

This unit involves the competencies and expertise necessary to produce receival and despatch documentation in compliance with applicable regulations and workplace standards as a component of job responsibilities within the transport and logistics field. It comprises examining orders to identify job needs for order fulfilment, adhering to work order documentation protocols, and completing documentation per workplace policies and any relevant regulatory obligations.

TLIA0015 - Organise receival and despatch operations

This unit encompasses the abilities and comprehension necessary to coordinate receival and despatch procedures in compliance with regulations, codes of practice, and workplace standards within the transport and logistics sector. It comprises planning and coordinating receival operations, storing received inventory, dispatching ordered inventory, and finalising documentation and records.

What does this mean for you?

You can select trained students for potential positions within your organisation. Only students who have completed the above skill set will move forward, as these students have shown a keen interest in joining the industry. 


By interviewing our students, you will be assured that they are ready for a career and will have the necessary skills to flourish within your organisation. The main goal for J2S Training Solutions is that once you have identified a particular candidate, we would like to start them in the Full Qualification TLI30321 - Certificate III in Supply Chain Operations. 

Why hire warehouse workers through a J2S Training Solutions Traineeship?
  1. Fresh perspectives and ideas: Trainees bring new ideas and innovative approaches to problem-solving, which can benefit your business and help it grow.

  2. Future employees: Trainees can allow you to assess their skills and suitability for future employment, saving time and resources in the long run.

  3. Improved productivity: By providing training and development opportunities, you can enhance the skills and productivity of your existing employees, leading to increased efficiency and competitiveness.

  4. Positive company culture: Providing training and development opportunities can help foster positive company culture and increase employee morale, leading to higher levels of engagement and commitment.

  5. Meet industry demands: Trainees can help meet the needs of your industry and provide the necessary skills and knowledge required to stay competitive.


What are the benefits of working with J2S Training Solutions?
  1. Quality Assurance:  J2S Training Solutions must meet strict quality standards set by government regulators. The training and qualifications J2S Training Solutions offers are recognised and trusted by employers and the wider community.

  2. Accreditation: J2S Training Solutions offers accredited training programs. Upon successful completion, our graduates may use a nationally recognised qualification to further their careers.

  3. Expertise: RTOs employ experienced trainers and assessors who are knowledgeable in their field and can provide industry-relevant training.

  4. Support: J2S Training Solutions provide support throughout our students' training journey, including access to resources, personalised guidance, and opportunities for feedback and improvement.

  5. Career Opportunities: Completing a qualification with J2S Training Solutions can open up new career paths and opportunities for advancement.

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